14May 2020

The current situation is upsetting the world, socially and economically. Thinking of being able to start again, after this world lockdown, doing things “as before” is unlikely. Change will have to be the password: nothing will be the same as before, but it is said that it cannot become better. The first and most important […]

27Apr 2020

The article published by Manager Magazin exudes economic-financial populism. The Teutonic economic magazine shoots it big, assuming the introduction of a 14% property tax as a solution for Italian public debt. While assuming that such a boutade would not even deserve replication, it is quite easy to dismantle point by point the absurd theory of […]

27Apr 2020

Despite the simplistic narrative of the Italian government, which in presenting the now infamous 400 billion euro liquidity decree, it has not been spared to make propaganda about simplicity and ease of access to funds guaranteed by the state, the facts are demonstrating a very different reality. The involvement of the banks, called to disburse […]

21Apr 2020

On the eve of the activation of the Italian SME Fund, which in time of emergency Covid-19 provides for the possibility of obtaining loans up to 25,000 Euros (and in any case up to a maximum of 25% of the turnover of the previous year) guaranteed 100 % from the State, the banking system experiences […]

14Jun 2018

ICONIC BUSINESS| Cristina Bellon Analyze clients’ financial investments, restructure failing companies,and create liquidity within a company without bank intervention:this is the goal of MGK Advisor and Consulting SA, a leading company in the field of financial and tax advice. With headquarters in Lugano, MGK operates worldwide. Managing Director Dr. Marco Roccabianca, a forward-thinking and broad-minded professional, […]

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