The article published by Manager Magazin exudes economic-financial populism. The Teutonic economic magazine shoots it big, assuming the introduction of a 14% property tax as a solution for Italian public debt.

While assuming that such a boutade would not even deserve replication, it is quite easy to dismantle point by point the absurd theory of the author, who gets lost in a series of macroscopic oversights.

The author explains that the Italians have a private wealth of 9.900 billion Euros and claims that a 14% private tax on this amount would allow to reduce the ratio between public debt – equal to 2.500 billion – and GDP – equal to 1.800 billion – towards that 60% established by European guidelines.

It is a pity that those who carry out such brilliant ideas must then have the audacity to illustrate how they would be applicable. Explain, for example, how 14% of a property could be disposed of, given that not everyone would have the liquidity to face such a tax, and therefore to pay it they would go into further debt, or keep track of the movements of all assets furniture.

It goes without saying that in Italy the art of taxation is proper to each executive, we will manage to complicate our lives by ourselves, without the need for unsolicited suggestions, be assured, perhaps by increasing the IMU or cutting, and in certain respects it would also be l ‘now, public spending drastically.

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